Corns and Calluses, Finding the Right Treatment Fit

Corns and calluses are incredibly common foot problems, affecting an estimated 5% of the population every year, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. Unfortunately most never seek medical help.

Corns- small, raised bumps with a dense center, surrounded by swollen skin are commonly found on the tops and sides of your toes and can be painful. They are caused by repeated friction or pressure on the area, commonly brought on by ill-fitting shoes or an existing deformity.

Calluses, on the other hand, are rarely painful and are characterized by thick, tough areas of skin, developing on larger areas like the soles of your feet and the heel area. They have no centralized hard center, with a more uniform appearance, and can develop on other parts on the body as well. It’s not uncommon for manual laborers to develop calluses on their hands for instance.

Both conditions are very unsightly and uncomfortable but rarely require serious medical intervention.

However, if you're suffering from severe pain and/or inflammation, be sure to see your doc. Also, if you have diabetes or circulatory problems of any sort, see your physician to ensure the area doesn't become infected after even a minor injury. And if you're unsure as to the problem, schedule a physical and x-ray and we'll help you uncover the source of your pain.

If you and your doctor decide that medical attention is needed, here are some options you might consider:

Nix the excess skin, trained surgeon and scalpel required. They'll trim away the unneeded, problematic skin usually in the course of an office visit.

Callus-removing medication. Your doc may prescribe a salicylic gel or patch to treat the area directly. Easy and painless.

Shoe-inserts. Make your life simpler with doctor prescribed, custom padded shoe inserts (orthotics) to prevent further corn and callus injury.

Surgery- As a last resort, your physician may suggest operating on the foot bone causing friction.

Contact us today to see which of these options might be best for you and be rid of those corns and calluses in time for sandal season.