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Second Opinion Evaluations

When it comes to medical consultations, second opinions can never hurt.

If you have received a diagnosis, and are uncertain about the recommended course of treatment, a second opinion can help you to feel confident about your choices.

Here are a few commonly asked questions regarding second opinion evaluations.

What is a second opinion?

A second opinion is given by a specialist who will evaluate your physical condition, symptoms and test results. After the evaluation, the doctor will then give you his or her recommendations for the treatment route. The opinion may vary from the first doctor, or it could be the same depending on the doctor’s opinion.

Do I need a second opinion?

While a second opinion couldn’t hurt, and in most cases can even be a good idea, be sure to ask your current doctor any questions regarding issues that you may be confused about. If the reason for getting a second opinion is because you don’t understand what was said, having the information explained a second time may eliminate the need for a second opinion.

What to do before getting a second opinion

  • Have the test results sent to the second doctor’s office so they have them on hand before you arrive.
  • Write down the questions you may have or answers you are looking for
  • Tell the doctor what opinions you have already received

If the second opinion varies from the first, talk with your doctor about the treatment options and explore an option that works best for you.

If you are interested in a second opinion, contact Dr. Anthony LaMarra. Dr. LaMarra’s experience in podiatric medicine and surgery is coupled with genuine concern for his patients, and he is dedicated to your providing you with the solutions that you need to help you maintain healthy feet and ankles.